Can a bird fly from Preston to Newcastle ?

Centre for Computational Physics

To investigate that Andrei went on a train trip from Preston to Newcastle via Carlisle. Diving into the history of trains on a two-car diesel train from Carlisle  was balances by spectacular views from the window. Sunny Newcastle was greeting him with an impressive collection of bridges and architectural wonders of  both the past and the future. Having a  lunch alfresco, in an open air with a view on the Millennium Bridge, was a totally unexpected surprise for a late October afternoon far north of Preston.

In the evening Andrei delivered the second reincarnation of his Birds talk in front of a very enthusiastic audience of IOP North East Branch, comprising people of all ages from students till senior citizens. IOP North East Branch has a vibrant event program summarized in a very nice and informative Branch handbook.

Newcastle after the sunset appeared not less spectacular: walking its skilfully lighted streets after the…

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How to accelerate your progress with regular reports?

Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine

As a student I did two things everyday that developed my research skills.

I wanted to know as soon as someone did something new in my field. I was curious about new developments in science and technology. Straight after lunch I would go to the library scanning A-Z of latest journals and read anything of interest. Sometimes I would be in the library for 15 minutes but if I found something really interesting then two hours would be too short. I always carried a note book to write down interesting things I was reading. As a result I was the most informed student in my group. This gave me interesting topics to talk about with friends, fellow students and academic staff.

I also spent time in quiet places where I could think about my project and note down any ideas for new experiments and interpret things I had read or…

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Universal language of Physics

Study Physics

Today I attended a Statistical Physics lecture by Prof Toshihiro Kawakatsu for undergraduates in Tohoku University in Sendai. The 1.5 hrs intense lecture covered various ensembles, described entropy, and was full of derivations on moving boards. Even though the lecture was in Japanese, I still could follow it thanks to the universal language of Physics – Mathematics ! It brought back lots of memories of teaching Theoretical Physics in 90s in my Alma Mater in Odessa.20130607-173910.jpg


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