Centre for Computational Physics

On January 7-18, 2013 Roberta attended winter school MolSim 2013 “Understanding Molecular Simulation” held at the University of Amsterdam.

The target of MolSim 2013 was to give an understanding in the field of molecular simulation, covering basic and advanced Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics techniques. These two-week course, organized by the Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modelling, consisted in morning lectures and afternoon computer session.

Other contributers to this scientific event were: Prof. Daan Frenkel (Cambridge University), Prof. Berend Smit (Berkeley University), and Prof. Paolo Carloni (German Research School, Jülich).

About sixty participants including PhD, postdoc, and master students working in different field (physics, biology, and chemistry) of molecular simulation attended MolSim 2013.

Despite the cold weather, Amsterdam is just as charming under its blanket of snow.

This beautiful city is called the “Venice of the North” for its long canals. It offers several entertainments like visiting exhibitions such as the famous Van Gogh museum, temporarily guest…

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